5 Ways To Appreciate Your Pastor All Year Long

Let’s make sure that those who have chosen to dedicate their lives to growing ours to be more like Christ are adequately taken care of. It may be pastoral appreciation month, but I want to challenge all of us to take this month and create a habit of appreciation that will last all year.

How to Disciple Someone Who Won’t Listen

Discipleship is not a moment. It is a process. It requires patience, investment, heartache, and the hard conversation.

Healthy Youth Ministry Habits To Start The New Year

Whatever goals you have decided on for 2019. Stick to it. You got this. But as a youth leader, have you thought much about how the goals you have for yourself effect those you minister to? What habits can you develop over the next three weeks that will pave the way to some tremendous growth opportunities for your students throughout the rest of this year?

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