5 Challenges That Keep Students From Sharing Their Faith

Spend any time talking with students about sharing their faith, and you will doubt discover they have a sincere desire to help their friends, classmates, and teammates meet Jesus and experience salvation. However, you may also find that we, as leaders, make far too many assumptions.

How to Develop Students Who are Disciple Makers

This generation has a greater sense of urgency to reach out and seek justice for the poor, broken, and marginalized. Embrace it. Not only will your students have a better grasp on the gospel and their culture, they will be people with truly changed lives seeking to change lives.

The Troubling New Reality of Evangelism in Western Christianity

Loving another person in our modern western culture no longer means throwing them a lifeline to save them from a destructive life of sin and an eternity without God. Instead, it implies affirmation and celebration of any lifestyle one chooses. The moral high ground now belongs to the one who lives and let lives, puts feelings before facts, and places all worldviews on equal footing.

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