Apologetics Study #1 – What is Apologetics

Every student should know what they believe and why. This study creates the space for students to explore their own why and helps them see that the greater certainty they have, the greater impact they will have on the lives of others.

Apologetics Study #3 – Why Do Bad Things Happen?

It just might be the most frequently ask question among our youth. Is God is so good, then why would he allow bad things to happen? This study explores both the philosophical answer as well as practical answers to help students see God working for their good despite our trials and difficult circumstances.

9 Reasons I Have Hope in The Next Generation

It is easy to think of a new generation as somehow being less than the generations before. It is easy to look at students and label them as lazy, unconcerned with the future, unmotivated, not as smart, soft, etc. And over the last year or so, I have read countless articles and plenty of books raising concern about today’s students. Much of it valid and informative about the state of our youth in light of the gospel and the future of Christianity. But I often think it is far too easy to focus in on the negative that we forget about the positive. I sincerely believe there is an incredible hope with the rising generation. Here’s why.

How We Can Help Youth Navigate Culture

Every time a student goes online, leaves the house, is at school, hanging with friends—in fact, every time they pull out their cell phone, western culture is working overtime to shape and influence their lives on every level. No matter how many shelters or training camps we create, we can’t prevent it—even if for a time. So what we know about culture and how we teach students is more important than ever.