Discipleship Essentials: Using How Our Students Actually Learn To Make Disciples

Learning that lasts is driven from experience first. Experiences are incredible teachers. It not only captivates our attention, it engages our imaginations, stirs up emotion, causes us to ask questions, and, peaks our curiosity. Experiences creates a deeper need to know.

Why Your Student’s Questions are Just as Important as the Answers

Questions compel us to ask why. And as I have taught students over the years, if Christianity is true, then no question ought to be off-limits. That, of course, does not mean every question can be answered. But at the end of the day, we must ask ourselves which worldview has the best answers to life’s most important questions—and do those answers provide a consistent and coherent framework for reality.

Leading Youth to Spiritual Maturity and a Strong Biblical Faith

One of my responsibilities as a teacher was to oversee the spiritual growth of the entire student body. Every year, I would ask similar questions at the beginning and end of the school year of the students, parents, leaders, pastors, and myself. The wide variety of answers would help me guide students in their walk, so they could not only have a sure foundation, but to build on for a lasting faith and a prepared faith for what ever comes next.