Navigating the Spiritual Discipline of Doubt

Have your doubts. Ask your questions. But find the right place and people, get your answers, be ready for the tough realities, and keep your emotions guided by your intellect. Not only will you successfully navigate doubt, but also your faith and trust in Christ would increase exponentially.


Want to Make Disciples All Summer Long? Here’s How.

For most, the busy school year has (or is) drawing to a close. In my town, summer activities have already begun. Which means a change in schedules, vacations, time outside, and memories made. But as life attempts to slow down for a few months, there is also a natural lull that begins to hang over … Continue reading Want to Make Disciples All Summer Long? Here’s How.

Is The Notion of Truth Still A Thing?

Like it or not, we live in a world that considers it a virtue to deny the existence of truth. Our students are being indoctrinated into a postmodern worldview daily in the classroom, through music, movies, television, and even politics. There was a time when truth was sacred and valued and embraced. It was considered the independent standard by which we measured our existence within reality. Truth, however, is now under fire.