Why Lent is More Than Just Giving Something Up

I needed my kids to see something greater. I needed them to lose something to gain something. What might seem confusing, frustrating, even unfair at times, may be the very thing we need the most. I wanted my kids to experience something far more important.

Some Helpful Take-A-Ways From Rhett and Link’s Deconstruction of Faith – Part 1

the conversation Rhett and Link started is an important one. It’s a conversation the church cannot afford to ignore and a conversation families cannot pretend doesn’t exist. So what can we as devout believers, disciple-makers, apologists, pastors, parents, etc. ought to learn from their journey?

Alternative Practices To Grab Your Students Attention

Research is now showing that the attention span of the average student is actually less than that of a goldfish. And more often than not we believe that the solution is less teaching time. Do I run the risk of losing their attention for the sake of the message or sacrifice the message for the sake of their attention spans? It feels like either way, you lose.