About Us

Steve has a been a passionate and gifted teacher and communicator for more than a decade. He has a passion for bringing discipleship to the mind of students and to equip parents with the necessary tools to raise confident followers of Jesus. He works to connect the challenges of following Jesus, the logical reasons for believing in Jesus, and viewing all of life through a biblical framework. After spending 11 years in Christian education, Steven served at the Executive Director of Youth Ministry for Awana Clubs International and Vice President of Youth Ministry for CE National. 

After graduating from Michigan State University and spending several years in the business world as a restaurant manager, God called Steven into full-time ministry. Steven attended Moody Theological Seminary and graduated with a Masters of Theology in 2010. Steven also earned a second Masters in Apologetics from Biola University in 2016. In addition to the high school classroom, Steven has taught at Trinity International University, debated atheists on the issue of God’s existence, speaks at local churches and conferences on a variety of topics and has served as an interim teaching pastor.

Steven’s passion is that every student should walk across the stage at graduation confident in what they believe and why. The truths of Jesus Christ should not be something to believe because their parents do, but because they know truth. They should have the confidence to face challenges, and questions head-on, so that they can confidently proclaim the name of Jesus in whatever context God calls them to.

His goal is to reach students beyond the walls of the classroom, providing answers, discussions, and resources in order to equip parents as the primary disciple-makers.

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