I hope you had a wonderful Easter celebrating the resurrection. Although we missed celebrating with our church family, it was of great comfort to be reminded that no matter the challenges or the threats we face; the tomb is empty and Jesus is on the throne. I know that this situation has affected all of us, but many of you in deeply personal ways—the burden of sickness, job loss, anxiety over loved ones, and the uncertainty of the future that awaits us. 

But we also have so much to thank God for. We are so encouraged to see so many people determined to pray together, worship together, and serve one another. Despite the challenging circumstances, we are blessed by many of you who have expressed concern for our little start-up ministry. When we began this adventure, we were amazed by the overwhelmingly positive response and encouragement from our friends and family. God has been so faithful in this journey. Our prayer is that God would continue to be faithful as our provider and sustainer as we work to navigate these next eight months. 

To continue the work we have started—conference attendance, curriculum development, marketing the new book, and the production of our upcoming parent podcast—we need to close a financial gap of $50,000. Today, I humbly and prayerfully ask you, as you are able, to help us close the gap with a gift. 

Our current stay at home orders has made our mission that much more critical. Activities, businesses, and even church events may have stopped, but discipleship doesn’t. In fact, I believe we have been given an incredible opportunity as parents to set a new precedent for what discipleship can look like inside the home. But parents need resources, encouragement, and training. This is why we decided to move up our timeline on the production of our youth apologetics curriculum. We have since launched two studies intending to have all 13 studies completed and ready for the fall. So far, the response has been encouraging. 

Thank you for the way you have faithfully and generously supported us in these early stages of the ministry, both prayerfully and financially. We wouldn’t be here without people like you and are grateful for your support now more than ever. 

Would you please consider giving a gift today to help equip parents and students to be more effective disciples and ambassadors for Christ.