If you spend anytime in church, in the media, politics, or popular culture then you know there is an incredible urgency for our students to know Jesus and to pursue truth. Yet somehow we have allowed today’s world to let the church fall down a slippery slope, dangerously impacting the approach of making disciples. Far too many ministries focus on numbers, finances, and overall popularity. Nowhere is this more evident than with our youth. Our increasingly post-Christian culture needs a reset and reminder of Jesus’ picture of discipleship.

What do you suppose would happen if instead we focused on making disciples? What if the family became ground zero for our students’ faith formation? 

Over the last several years I have had an incredible chance to speak to parents, pastors, and students. All of them want the same thing. Stronger disciples, more confident evangelists, more students reaching their world for the sake of their world. Yet our chief concern continues to be students leaving the church, and the incredible impact modern western culture has on them. 

Preparing our students to make the impact we hope they will requires all of us working together. 

Over the last 12 years, God has led me to this point, coming alongside parents, pastors, and students to strengthen the discipleship of our youth by drawing from the pages of Scripture that brings to light aspects of following Jesus that have been neglected or forgotten, so that our students may reach their world for the sake of their world. 

But this process must begin with the coaching of parents and pastors on how to best help students engage their world with the gospel, using good apologetics, and being grounded in Scripture. 

We know that God is asking us to contribute to this process—to use my experience in youth ministry, apologetics, and education to move His kingdom forward, reclaiming biblical discipleship for the rising generation.

We are diving with both feet in, but we need your help. So we are asking literally everyone to consider partnering with us. You can do that in a couple of ways. 

First – Please pray. This is a huge step for our family. A complete leap of faith. We could not be more excited to see what God is doing, but we need as many as we can get in our corner praying for us and for those we will be reaching and training. 

Second – Financial. Our goal is to seek support for the next 18-24 months. This will provide the initial funding, create key partnerships, and solidify new projects—all of which will help fund the ministry for years to come. 

So please consider partnering with us by committing to $50 or $100 a month or even a one time donation. 

Third – Sign up for the newsletter to keep up to date on the latest. Book a church visit, buy some books, spread the word…all that good stuff. 

I don’t think I am overstating the urgency we have in making disciples. Parents: it is our job.  I want, specifically, for you to learn how to walk alongside your students diving deeper into Scripture, seeking truth together, finding the right answers to their questions, and serving the kingdom together.

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